Hike 4/52 – Waterfall Canyon

Hike number four of this challenge was a special one. I decided that I wanted to try Waterfall Canyon in Ogden this time.  I had never done this hike before and Chris wasn’t going with me.  In the past, Jess and I have always hiked trails that we have previously done with our spouses so we’d feel comfortable, know the way, and not have to worry about getting lost.  Not this time.  This time we were ready to embark on our own adventure.  An adventure of the unknown, of epic proportions, and of massive butt workouts. Our cousin, Daniel decided to join us for a portion of the hike… it was the Berchtold trio, back together again!!

It was an absolutely perfect day for hiking – the sun was shining and it was warmer than it had been in awhile!  Giddy with excitement we packed our poles, put on our spikes and headed out!

The snow angels and easy conversation did not last long.  This trail got steep and fast.  And I thought I was going to die.  This is the first time I used my trekking poles while on a hike and I was so glad I had them.  I don’t know that I would have made it otherwise. Ha!  Jab it into the ground and pull myself up.  It was a crazy workout and not one of those graceful hikes.

As we hiked we had a couple ladies and their pup pass us.  Well, as we were getting further into the canyon, the girls were coming back down.  They asked us if we were going all the way to the top because they had tried to but their dog had heard something and wouldn’t go any farther.  Jess and I just looked at each other and shrugged, strapped my knife to my hip, and kept on.  We were already dying because of this hike.  No way in hell were we going to turn around and not see the damn waterfall.  So come at me, beasts!  I’ve got this!

We didn’t find any beasts but we did find the waterfall and it was worth the ass kicking.  20170128_130748

We did it! We braved our first hike on our own with no issues!  We were so proud of ourselves we went and celebrated with delicious fatty food.



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