There is SO Much to Explore!

This past weekend was a busy one of hikes, sights, and adventures.  The best kind of weekend, right?!

I am constantly in awe of all the beauty and fun this state has to offer.  Everywhere you go, anything you want to do, you can find fun and exciting things to explore here in Utah.  It’s amazing.  I haven’t even come close to exploring all of it!  If you haven’t been here, you should visit…stat.  Really,  call me up and I will show you around.

On Saturday I decided that we needed to go hike this trail that I drive by EVERY SINGLE DAY on my way home.  I pass the trail head sign and everyday think to myself: “I need to look that up, I wonder what kind of hike that is…”.  Finally, I looked it up and we went to explore.  The name of the trail is Heughs Canyon.  It’s off of Wasatch Blvd and is hidden in the back of a private neighborhood.  It’s 3.5 miles out and back with an elevation gain of 1,766 feet.  We didn’t hike the entire trail because with the snowfall, we couldn’t figure out where it went once we hit the giant rock pile….we did, however, get to the waterfall which was amazingly beautiful.  Dogs are allowed on this hike, which is always fun to watch them play and explore.  It was a bit steep but not too outrageous.  I cannot wait to go back and explore more of it and see how beautiful it is in each season!  Apparently if you were to continue on the trail, you’d end up at the summit of Mt Olympus!  I think I’ll have to try that!


On Sunday, we had all day events planned through our Adventure Some Women group.  Climbing at The Front Climbing Gym, Coffee, Donut Falls Hike, then Irish Coffee! Unfortunately, only my friend Mo and I were able to make it but we still had an absolute blast.  We completely wore ourselves out by climbing for an hour and a half at the gym.  Talk about an upper body workout!!  This, of course, had to be followed up with our favorite: Alchemy Coffee.  Mmmm.  Their Choco Chai is amazing.  Try it.  Then buy me one. kthanks.

Ever since I moved back to Salt Lake, I’ve wanted to hike to Donut Falls…especially in the winter.  I’d seen so many pictures and heard others tell me about it and I FINALLY got to go!  It was warm when we got up the canyon, which made for nice hiking weather.  It was pretty busy and we passed quite a few people but when we got to the falls, we had it all to ourselves!!  It’s not a very long hike but the snow made it more challenging, which was quite entertaining.  The falls were better than I could have imagined!  I can’t believe it took me so long to get up there to see them!!

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Well, I’ve knocked out two new trails that I wanted to explore!  It’s amazing to me that there are all these trails and hidden along the way are waterfalls, caves, rock formations, trees, and flowers that will take your breath away.  I can’t wait to see what else this amazing state has to show me!

XO, Pipsqueak

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